CALL FOR ARTISTS “Brooklyn Bulletin Wall Exhibition”

Call For Artists:

Brooklyn Bulletin Wall Exhibition 2015

Early Submission Period Starts on Friday, Jun 5, 2015.

To submit for the Group Exhibition & for more Info click, HERE.

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AG Gallery will open up its walls to the Brooklyn Artists in the up-coming salon show. This is a build-up type exhibition, first-come, first-saved. If the walls are filled with artworks, the submissions will be closed before the scheduled submission period.

It has been a while after we had the successful open salon shows with the local artists in 2006 & 2007. This year for celebrating 12 years anniversary of gallery history, we will bring back the salon show to AG Gallery.

Depends on the reaction of the artists and the gallery visitors, we may add this exhibition to be our annual or biennial exhibitions of AG Gallery. In order to be so, the artworks must be interesting and in a certain level of quality.


Eligibility and Submission Requirements
All Brooklyn Artists are eligible to submit to this exhibition.

Who is the BROOKLYN ARTISTS in this show?
– Artists who are going to walk-in and drop off their work to our gallery.

*No Submission used any shipping company or delivery service accepted.

Tonight: Exhibition Opening Reception -MET YOU- by Chen Dongfan

Chen Dongfan X+!=Thinking about the Unthinkable Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 x 48 inches, 2014

Chen Dongfan
X+!=Thinking about the Unthinkable
Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 x 48 inches, 2014

-Tonight  Exhibition Opening Reception-

Chen Dongfan’s Solo Exhibition 


Exhibition On View: April 10 – April 26, 2015

Opening Reception: *Friday, April 10, 6 – 8 pm

*Artist will be present at the reception on April 10.

Met You, a solo exhibition by Chen Dongfan, is finally revealed at AG Gallery, tomorrow on Friday, April 10th. AG Gallery presents his 21 latest works. While he has successfully achieved acknowledgement in Hangzhou, China, this solo exhibition will be the first time to show his work in the U.S.

Chen Dongfan (born in 1982, Shandong Province, China) is a contemporary artist based in Hangzhou, China and also in NY, U.S. starting early this year 2015. After graduating the China Academy of Art in 2008, he has been presenting his work in several exhibitions mainly in Hangzhou, China, including his last solo exhibition, Only One Day Exhibition, at Inna Art Space, Hangzhou, China. He is known for his abstract acrylic paintings in large-scale; however, he has also been working on installation and video and other mediums. From the initiate stage as an artist, Chen has been cooperating his sense in abstract composition of figurative bright and vivid colors to describe issues and subjects that he encounters as an individual being who lives in a fast-paced society in his work.

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-MET YOU- Up Coming Exhibition by Chen Dongfan

Painting on Paper by Chen Dongfan

But Also Her Personal Expression, The Helpless Outpouring of One Life
Painting on Paper by Chen Dongfan

Coming soon to AG Gallery: Met You, a solo show by Chinese artist Chen Dongfan. His will be on display from April 10th, lasting until April 26th.


Solo Exhibition April 10 – April 26, 2015

Opening Reception
Friday, April 10, 6 – 8 pm
(Artist will be present at the reception.)


A graduate of the China Academy of Art, Chen Dongfan works primarily in painting but has also employed installation and video, along with other formats. Chen takes colour itself to reflect adroitly on issues of form and as a means of finding balance amid disorder. In the artist’s opinion, the work exists organically as a means via which both to explore and to describe things themselves indeterminate. Here the artist’s relationship to the work is not one merely of expression, but rather to engage himself more as a medium, the work and to scrutinize one another and working together in mutual refinement.

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Art In Boxes, Post Exclusive -Closing on March 30, 2015-

Canine Universe by Raphael Balme

Canine Universe by Raphael Balme

It is March and our Art In Boxes exhibit of the post-exclusive part is nearly over! For those unfamiliar, Art In Boxes, which began during the holiday season, showcases many artists from all over the world who offers works (such a prints, zines, jewelry, and more) that would make wonderful gifts. Out of the wide variety of chosen artists we started with, many are gone but do not fret–! There are still a few left.

To start, we have Japanese artist Kazuhiro Nagi; this experimental artist created his stunning piece “Mattina” (or “Morning” in Italian) by using wafers, meant for wrapping powdered medicine, to create an explosion of bright color.
Also hailing from Japan is Kentaro Horiuchi. His psychedelic paintings use bright colors and tiny swirling detail to transport you into the unique landscape of his creations.
Within the dark and austere pages of Raphael Balme’s art-zine “Canine Universe”, you will find a dream-like world both quiet and vicious. Featured are full-page prints of Balme’s painted illustrations accompanied by handwritten commentary.
One might think of temporary tattoos as childlike, but these beautiful wearable works of art by Pepper Ink Collection are actually quite elegant. Artists offer many different designs from vintage florals and insects to more modern designs such as a geometric skull.
Villa Sorgenfrei World offers delicate, beautiful charms capture the feeling of a warm summer meadow by literally capturing wildflowers and other specimens that one might find there in tiny handblown glass baubles.
Work by these artists is still available at AG Gallery for a limited time so please come to check them out before it is too late!
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Andrea Lauren -Now On View-

Andrea Lauren is a textile designer and print maker who’s charming works are a delight to witness! Using a multitude of traditional media, Lauren’s pieces may be contemporary, but still hold a feeling of old-world sentiment. Though Lauren is originally from England, these works are somewhat reminiscent of Eastern European folk stories and children’s books, both in content and style. Almost as fun as the final products is the process itself of making each print. Among the printmaking methods the artist uses to create her works are silk-screening and linoleum cut stamps.

Though these processes of printmaking allow the artist to make several of a similar image, the method of doing everything by hand from cutting to inking to printing itself means that each print will actually be slightly different. Further more, these prints are only available in limited run, and once they are gone, they’re gone for good!

To see some of these limited edition Andrea Lauren prints (of both silk-screen and linoleam) please visit the AG Gallery.

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